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will tell you, was an abusive search of the koran. they will not let them give up their carotid -- carotid -- k orans. the military will not give any ground. the people who have been detained for over 11 years -- over half of these people are cleared and there is no end in sight. when president obama is asked about the hunger strike, he keeps referring people to the dod. he is shrugging off requests about the biggest hunger strike we have had in years. >> -- they present themselves daily to be fed through a tube. officials have denied claims of the strikes -- have denied claims that the korena -- koran was mishandled. >> they used to call suicide attempts asymmetric warfare. it is important to treat things with a little bit of skepticism, but people have lost weight, that is clear, and we are told people are force-fed, which is an agonizing process. take that from your own cameraman. when he was released from guantÁnamo, he had not eaten food in over a year. it is absolute agony to be force fed. it is painful. >> the underlying reason for all of this is, i believe, the lack of clarity abo
elitism. all religions are the same, the bible is the same as the koran. which it is not, and our own fbi stripped the word radical jihad from our own manuals and we wonder why. >> you cannot put this back on universities in america and all the rest. the fbi. >> you sure can. it's one piece. >> the fbi did not act the way they did because of political correctness. they acted the way they did because they were incompetent. >> why was the fort hood shooter allowed to do what did. he sat in front of a group of army physicians and told them exactly how he would kill. the army doctors said thank you for your testimony and they let him walk out the door. >> then that's their problem. >> that was their problem? why was it there problem. >> they didn't say anything. >> why didn't they say anything. >> political correctness. >> all those liberals. >> you are the guy that says you don't want muslim students to come here where are they going? to the universities. >> you are jumping my story. >> can we take it to the next level? i want to talk about miranda. suspect number 2. they read dzhokhar his m
korans for contraband. the results have included force-feeding and clashes between the military and detainees. at the same time, a task force that includes former bush official asa hutchinson and former fbi director william sessions just released a report on detainee treatment. and here are a few of their conclusions, prepare to not be even slightly surprised. u.s. forces in many instances used intear gaig techniques on detainees that constitute torture. again, a bipartisan report. there is no firm or persuasive evidence that widespread use of torture produces information of value. the continued indefinite detention of many prisoners at guan -- guantanamo should be addressed. mr. warner, thank you so much for speaking with us tonight. >> john, thank you for having me. >> john: like everybody who gets to hear this and i'm assuming a lot of news organizations won't cover this report. could this report help your clients? will it be influential enough to finally move something? >> well, in order for there to be movement, we need to have the president, that impassioned individual i h
overheard the conversation and he was basically explaining the koran to the person he was sitting with and the differences between the bible and the koran. i noticed in a way he was idolizing the koran and trash talking the bible. i was very interested in the topic and i didn't know much about religion, whether it's christianity or islam, and he seemed like he was very well-educated about both so i wanted to join the argument or the discussion. so, yeah, i basically joined the discussion, which then he -- so then i had a discussion with tamerlan. he was basically -- he was railroad passionate about what he was talking about, which was that the bible was a cheap copy of the koran, and that the american government used the bible as an excuse to invade other countries. then our discussion kind of shifted from religion to foreign policy and the american government. his belief on that was that the american government was still al onize the middle east and africa and afghanistan and iraq, most casualties were innocent bystanders gunned down by american soldiers. >> was this discussion b
with one of the suspects. >> he was explaining how the bible is a cheap copy of the koran and how it's used as an excuse to invade other countries. >> pelley: flooding in ten states along the missouri and mississippi. and don dahler with steve byrnes whose life was changed in the flash of a marathon bombing. >> i believe i had a guardian angel over my shoulder and i thank god for it because i know how lucky i am. captioning sponsored by cbs th this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. th pelley: good evening. the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing had a visitor today in his hospital room. a federal magistrate judge. he read dzhokhar tsarnaev his rights, informed him he's being charged with using a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death and she told him he could face death if convicted. according to a transcript of the proceedings, the judge concluded by saying: tsarnaev was represented in his hospital room by three public defenders. prosecutors today also revealed new details about the bombing and our bob orr is in washington to fill us in. bob? >> reporter: sco
, focusing on studies of recitation s of the koran. during moments of quiet, alepo's youth try to shut out the war around them, jumping rope, shooting marbles, playing foos ball, all within feet of spent artillery shells. but even in the quiet, there are constant reminders of the brutality of this war. in a river that runs through the city, residents go fishing. not for fish, but for the corpses of friends and relatives summarily executed by government forces. so far 190 have been sent downstream. on this day, four, including a child, are pulled from the river. bloated, their hands tied behind their backs. they're gently lifted up into a pickup truck and taken away for burial. back in the clinic, mohammed runs around, getting supplies and attending to patients. he talks about a particularly bloody day. the injured started streaming in. we couldn't keep up, he said. some had no faces. some had large parts of their bodies missing. we kept going until 5:00 in the morning. he knows that tragedy lurks around every corner -- a warning what you're about to see is very disturbing. three days after
the koran. they are begging to take the step to end the crisis. we are asking president obama intervene. work closinget to guantanamo. uncertainty the palestinian authority has resigned. inwas appointed legally 2007. while he is a favor of the united states and the eu, palestinians have mixed feelings about his possible departure. >> it is the day after the prime minister stepped down, and it is clear palestinians are divided about how it will affect him. some say he is the kind of man they needed a. others say he had to go because his economic policies left many palestinians struggling to make ends meet. >> his economic policy harm to me as a government employee. we used to get policies that were not interrupted, but lately my situation has gotten worse. >> some say his departure could force them to finally form a unity government with hamas. >> he gave reconciliation a chance from the moment he was appointed until the moment he left. >> some people do not care. they say it does not change a thing, but his departure is what they had been pushing for. like it leaves the palestinian nati
facilitated the distribution of korans because this is an islamic country. initially we focused on brick and morter construction, renovation, after about a generation of violence you can beat these schools were destroyed. if we needed to build new ones, we certainly did, but we always made sure the afghans understood they had the ultimate responsibility of maintaining this once we leave. finally, girls in school. as i mentioned, literacy rate was 20 percent. that was country-wide. in southwest afghanistan that literacy rate was women was 8 percent. so you have to work very hard to get an 8 percent literacy rate for women, which means you actually have to stop and implement policies to make sure that women actually couldn't partake in any learning, any health systems, anything that would contribute to their growth. so girls in school, big focus area. we wanted to reverse the effects of the state of women and girls in afghanistan. so once the security foot hold was gained in southwest afghanistan by the marines in 2010 and 2011 and they continued to conduct operations as i'm speakin
, even more than bin laden. bin laden always spoke in the rhetorical, koranic verses. but sheek feiz mohammad talks about killing jews, pagans, criticizing people that go to the movies of harry potter. he gets into the street that way. so his directives are much more personal, and he had a charismatic way about him. so you can see how somebody would become enraptured by his rhetoric, and carry out violence. there is a literal way in which he talks and the actual language he uses is so specifically oriented in carrying out jihad. specifically, jews, christians and infidels. >> we have a little bit of that. we're not going to broadcast these messages for these terrorists. but we're going to show you a short clip so you can get a feeling for who this tamerlan was watching, and found so fascinating right after the bag when we pick up with steve on the other side. we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle a
board members meet once a week to discuss teachin from the koran about protecting the earth. sara says the prophet mohammed was a tree hugger literally because he actually hugged a tree after he heard it wailing. >> it just shows so much about his character as a compassionate being and it helps me be more compassionate and to really live more lightly in this world. >> they also get their hands dirty. working at a local farm, cleaning up parks and renting out reusable dinnerware. >> we started renting out reusable dinnerware as a way to get individuals to lessen their waste. so instead of wasting a bunch of styrofoam. we take our table waiware and t it home and wash it. we had 600, 700 people a month are using that. and that's a lot of waste that was reduced. >> they say it's their faith in scripture and not their politics that drives their views on the environment. >> deuteronomy, chapter 20, verse 19 a law in war time about not cutting down the enemy's trees, even when it could give you military advantage and perhaps even save combatants' lives. we're not allowed to cut down a tree th
and christian. >> he said the bike is a cheap copy off the koran. he said most american wars are excused off the bible. >> reporter: and it also emerged there might be a link to an unsolved murder two years ago. prosecutors said monday that they are investigating whether tamerlan was involved in the brutal murder of three young men, one of whom was his roommate. the three were found with their throats slashed, covered in marijuana and cash. federal agents have been looking at the six-month trip tamerlan took last year to russia at a time that rebel groups there carried out a number of violent attacks in thing dega stan region. last year alone, dagestan last 115 police officers in nearly 300 terror attacks. two years ago this street was obliterated by a car bomb. >> reporter: according to officials, chechnya had nothing to do with the marathon attack in the view of the younger brother. >> it doesn't at this point appear to be a chechnya thing. >> reporter: neighbors say tamerlan was a changed man when he returned to the u.s., swearing off tobacco and alcohol, linking to extremist jihadist vid
of the iran. the military denied the charges. -- mishandling of the koran. human-rights groups say it is long past time for the obama administration to fulfill promises. >> not sustainable for the administration to continue the policy of indefinite detention and what to do with the men picked up after the start of the so-called war on terror more than a decade ago. >> still ahead -- ♪ cattle herders of tanzania are fighting the government for their land. plus, hospitals overwhelmed with the worst epidemic in years. more when we come back. >> hello again. the top stories on "al jazeera." at least 13 people have been killed in an explosion and damascus. this happened in the historic and commercial district of marjeh. a bangladesh court has ordered the confiscation of property belonging to the owner of the building that collapsed on wednesday. demonstrations outside the high court as the owner appeared. more than 380 people killed. queen beatrix has made way for theson and his wife to be first male monarch in more than 120 years. tribes in tanzania are resisting a government order to leave the
the bible is a cheap copy of the koran and how it's used for the american government to... as an excuse to invade other countries. >> nothing can detect a bomb better than the nose of a
a rulingon -- fatwah, from god, from the koran. we will be rewarded by god. >> their own future is threatened by the turmoil in syria. the longer that it continues, the more nervous the army and the increasingly divided factions on this side of the border will get. northern lebanon. >> they with us, still to come -- guantanamo bay back in the spotlight as 100 inmates refuse to eat. the american basketball player, jason collins, has become the first athlete in a major sport to reveal that he is gay during his playing career. the 34-year-old made the announcement in an online essay. president barack obama and his teammates have expressed their public support for the veteran center. from washington, our correspondent sent us this report. broken, aal barrier basketball player proclaiming that he is black and gay. jason collins has been playing basketball for a dozen years, loyalty to the team is why he says he did not come out earlier. his relief at acknowledging his sexuality is clear. "i have endured years of misery and gone to enormous lengths to live a lie. i was certain that my world would f
is not the answer. the koran teaches us that god will publish the unchaste in this life and in the afterlife. as humans, we cannot simply interfere with god's will. >> she last appeared on tunisian tv three years it -- three weeks ago with her face blurred. in the meantime, more than 100,000 people have voiced their support on line. they signed a petition, demanding that the syrian government protect her life and liberty. >> a big breakthrough for science that has to do with dark matter. >> more on that in a moment, but first, a look at other stories making headlines around the world. france's upper house of parliament has begun debating a bill to legalize gay marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt children. the law has already passed the lower house. it is president francois hollande's first big social reform, but it faces a lot of opposition from catholics and conservatives. >> thousands of mourners have turned out in the west bank for the funeral of two palestinian youths shot dead by israeli forces. the incident led to clashes between palestinians and israeli soldiers, which have c
that god will punish the unchaste in this life and in the afterlife -- the koran teaches. as humans, we cannot simply interfere with god's will and issue fatwas as we see fit. >> she last appeared on tv three weeks ago with her face board. in the meantime, more than 100,000 people have voiced their support on line. they have signed a petition demanding that the tunisian government protect her life and liberty. >> we will have all the latest champions league action for you in a moment. >> first, a look at some other stories making news around the world. >> thousands of mourners have turned out in the west bank. the incident led to clashes between palestinians and israeli soldiers, which have continued for a second day. >> u.s. president barack obama has urged congress to tighten legislation on gun control. he made the call while on a visit to colorado. the state passed tougher gun laws on wednesday after a spate of mass shootings. >> french president francois hollande has addressed in the moroccan parliament, praising the exceptional friendship between the two countries. his visit to the
that the detainees want stopped. the military says, look, you have dn using korans to smuggle stuff in so that will never stop. >> the over -- overriding part of this business insider noted for their in depth foreign policy and reporting and investigation, i will read this sentence, while indefinite detain meant without trial may be morally offensive, the overriding philosophy on base these days is to treat the detainees really well. let's imagine that you have been pulled from a battlefield and you will not be charged with anything. you will be here in a cage. it is a very, very nice cage. you don't know what you are being charged for. you don't know if you are ever going to get out. you don't know anything. maybe that is not going to be treated absurdly well. maybe that is a psychological horror show regardless of anything else. yes the basic charge of oh they are using a hunger strike to get attention, yes. the democrats have stopped caring about guantanamo bay now that they run it. 24r* is still discretionary power in the department of defense. they certify this every year. if they wa
burning the koran, or whether that's how to make a homemade bomb. it's hard to monitor this. >> here as one thing i would say. we should sigh away from yew "the muslim world." you're talking about dozens of countries, millions, many different political ideaologies. to simply say the muslim world i think is a gross oversimplificati oversimplification. there are muslim countries that are tremendously close allies to the united states. not necessarily good examples of the faith. you have to division between the faith, the politics and ultimately the behavior of a few individuals. it's not trying to marginalize the problem in the way people interpret this, but we go -- it's so important when we talk about this, because people have been saying muslim terrorism. it's the interpretation of individuals as how they see their religion. as you mentioned, there are people in the united states, there are people in the jewish faith, in the christian faith, who interpret their religion in a way that justifies their behavior. whether it means you have the right to burn the koran, whether you have th
interpretation of the koran? >> i would say he didn't have a good understanding of the koran. >> is sal and fellow members of the mosque are as outraged as anyone about the attacks. do you ask how and where he became radicalized? >> yes. >> terrorism analyst evan kuhlman doesn't believe he was a member an extremist organization. he was self-radicalized. >> they take it upon themselves to carry out what they see as the ideology of al qaeda and similar groups and carry out attacks in the name of those groups, even though they may never have actually had contact with anyone inside of al qaeda. >> tamerlan's online footprint seems to indicate he was sympathetic to radical causes. he posted this al qaeda propaganda video on youtube. as for dzhokhar, his extensive tweets appear to show a typical american college kid. but in the wake of the bombings, others hint at something darker. investigators continue to check all angles, mine cell phone and computer records and also met with tamerlan's american-born wife, who says she knew nothing in advance about the attacks. investigators have told nbc
conditions, and to alleged mishandling of the koran by military guards. they also cited the legal limbo many have been held in for a decade or more, not charged with crimes or placed on trial. on april 13, there was a brief, violent confrontation. the military said guards raided a communal area to uncover security cameras and windows that had been shrouded for weeks. >> we were trying to be patient and work with them and give them the opportunity to comply. we hit the point where, you know, i felt we were accepting too much risk and it was time to take action. >> suarez: the guards say the prisoners attacked them with homemade weapons. there were no reported serious injuries, but the prison was put on lockdown, and the number of hunger strikers skyrocketed. 16 are being force-fed, with tubes inserted through the nose and into the stomach. they are typically shackled in chairs like this for the procedure. an american naval medical officer described the process in 2009. >> these are the feeding tubes that we use, whenever it is determined at a very high level. everyone is allowed to hunger str
weeks before the attacks. >> he said the bible is a cheap copy of the koran. he said the american government used it as an excuse to invade different countries. he mentioned that the american government wanted to colonize africa and the middle east and he mentioned that multiple wars -- most casualties in iraq and afghanistan were innocent bystanders gunned down by the american people. he said they justify, the government justifies invading all these countries with the koran kind of retaliated by asking him what about all these radicals that, you know, these suicide bombers that kill themselves, kill innocent people, and say it's for allah? he said not all muslims are like that and islam is all about peace and love. >> when did you realize he was one of the suspects? >> actually, i woke up to the police in my back yard and they told me to leave the building and escorted me away and then one of the police officers asked -- showed me a picture of dzhokhar and asked if i knew him. i recognized dzhokhar. i didn't recognize the older brother. >> were you completely stunned by the news?
was explaining how the bible is a cheap copy of the koran and how it's used for the american government to... as an excuse to invade other countries. >> nothing can detect a bomb better than the nose of a working dog. and ever since 9/11, dogs are being used more and more. what can these dogs do on the streets of america? >> the very same thing that they do for our boys overseas. they detect explosives. they are a fantastic deterrent. >> mike ritland knows ab dogs. he trains some of america's finest and gave us a rare glimpse inside the secretive world of the most elite dogs. >> at times like these with the bombs in boston, many of us can't help but be drawn back to the horrific events of september 11th, 2001. about a year from now, at ground zero in new york city, one of the largest and most ambitious memorial museums in the world is scheduled to open its doors. >> just watch your step, leslie. it is a construction site. >> tonight we'll take you for a first in-depth look at what our nation's 9/11 museum will be. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob sim
few years from the ground zero mosque to the koran burning, local and national campaigns against building mosques, all of these are obviously going to impact children and their parents and if they are at home hearing their parents talk about muslims in a certain way, they are going to take that to school with them. i have experienced this in my own growing up, which was long before 9-11, just the lack of information or the misinformation i experienced again with my own children, particularly when there's an event that happens overseas they will come to school and kids will reflect that in comments about did your parents commit another terrorist act, was that your dad that did this. it's common for kids to be called bin laden, daughter of saddam. a lot of times events overseas will have a huge impact on the kind of words children experience and unfortunately that bias is not limited just to students. there are cases where the teachers themselves have a lot of bias. there was an article published a couple years ago called suffer the little muslims where teachers, who are just hum
a fashion. it's not really him. he even struggles to read the koran. i'm not happy about it. i want him to pray but he doesn't. he can do what he wants. >> narrator: in the center of ahmad's village is the local office of the free syrian army. these men were all born in this valley, and like the majority of syrians are sunni muslims. they're determined to oust president bashar al-assad from power. >> (translated): we want a democratic system, with a government elected by everyone in syria. this would be better than the assad family. we are in the town of kansafra. this town is a stronghold of the free syrian army. it was liberated from assad's army more than three months ago. >> narrator: the army of the assad regime has been pushed back across the valley to the other side of the orontes river. ahmad's village is well within range of their artillery. shells and mortars are routinely fired into this village. >> (translated): god willing, bashar al-assad's army can't get in here. we run things here now. >> narrator: doctors and nurses are ordered to report immediately to the local hospita
advantage of that security to force the necessary contacts. >> in iraq is relatively peaceful. >> koran this attacks that occur almost daily or weekly. -- horrendous attacks that occur almost daily or weekly. >> iraq is a democracy. n paper, it is. but the government -- the prime minister is moving to nsolidate a lot of power in ways that are disenfranchising political rivals and leading many rockies to see at those -- iraqis to see many echoes of saddam hussein. >> will he run again? >> i believe he is term limited out. >> iraq is in iran's pocket? >> iraq and iran are very closely allied, but when you -- to provide supplies to the syrian dictator bashar al-assad, there is one view that he is being forced to do so because the iranian pressure. he has his own reasons to want to have the iranian support assad. if the syrian rebels to apple the government in damascus, they will work in concert with iraq's minority population to further destabilize his government. theour final mth is that isericans already -- myth the americans have already left. >> we have hundreds of personnel there. the
about america and christianity. >> he said that the bible is a cheap copy of the koran, that most american wars are excused with the bible. >> reporter: today the mother of the two brothers told abc news from russia that tamerlan was always the leader of her two boys. and that after the bombing, he called her to say, everything is okay, thanks to allah. there continue to be questions about that six-month trip to russia. the fbi had interviewed tamerlan before he went, at the request of russia, who thought he was a possible terrorist. but the fbi did not become aware he made the trip, apparently because his name was misspelled on the flight manifest. so there was no follow-up by the fbi, diane. >> it was a misspelling. i hear you have late word on possible ties overseas? >> reporter: the continuing information coming from the hospital bed and the interview there, according to sources talking to abc news, is that there's no direct tie from any overseas operation, either from chechnya or al qaeda. this is primarily a self-radicalization. they learned all they knew from the internet.
returned more extreme. >> he said the bible is a cheap city of the koran and most american wars are an excuse. >> the investigation continues and boston is moving on. the scene of the bombing is in longer an f.b.i. crime scene. hundreds turned out at memorials to remember the dead including the 23-year-old graduate student. >> we will keep running to finish the race for you and we will try to realize your unfinished dreams. >> of the more than 200 people injured in the bombings, 48 are still in the hospital recovering but good news, all those are expected to survive. >> that is good news. before you get away, we know the f.b.i. was tipped off by russian authorities about tamerlan, why didn't they more closely follow him after the tip? >> that's the big question right now and authorities are looking into that as the top priority. the f.b.i. interviewed tamerlan in 2011 and lost track of him in the trip he made to russia did not show up in 2012 falling through the cracks and now it is a top priority to figure how it happened and make sure it does not happen again. >> the oakland a
the koran considers the killings of innocent person is equal to the killing of all of mankind. and the koran clearly mentioned that those who kill innocent people, they will be without parole. >> but if osama bin laden, we talked about a murderer, osama bin laden was given a -- we know he was, a proper muslim burial, everything else -- >> within 24 hours. >> within 24 hours, a couple of years ago, why would that be different than this tamerlan tsarnaev? >> you are looking at my opinion. even if they called me for osama bin laden, i would never put my hands on him. because it is clear, this man is responsible for murdering. i really need the muslim leaders in america to stand up strongly for the truth of the matter. killing innocent people, this police officer, the m.i.t. police officer, sitting in his cruiser, he choose this job of protecting people, and he was killed in cold blood. he was not after the two brothers to kill them, to say that they defended themselves, they came to him, this is a deliberate attack, buying materials, buying cooking parts, preparing for the bomb, walking, puttin
of the suspects. >> he was explaining how the bible is a cheap copy of the koran and how it's used as an excuse to invade other countries. >> pelley: flooding in ten states along the missouri and mississippi. and don dahler with steve byrnes whose life was changed in the flash of a marathon bombing.
reimposed the practice of searching inmate's korans for contraband. they take their religion seriously when we say a giant bunny broke into the house to leave chocolate eggs for jesus. the col ne refused and now your tax dollars are paying to have prisoners strapped to a table have a tube painfully inserted from their noses down into their stomachs and having a liquid nutritional supplement force-feed them through the tube. but i'm not going to call that un-american even though some of the same people who boast of loving the constitution support locking people up without a trial for over ten years. even though most of the guys were turned in for awards by their enemies back home. even though president bush released over 500 detainees and 86, write this down, 86 of the current prisoners have been cleared for release but are still locked up because democrats are so weak, they would rather keep innocent men in cages than risk being called weak. even though estimates are that there are six times as many prisoners on hunger strike as have been charged with crimes. even though our policy seems to
about allah, a lot. >> the mother, yeah. >> and the lessons of the koran, which is not unusual. it doesn't mean you are radical. >> no, no, no. of course not. but when you add the other things, the conspiracy theories and the september 11 thing, america wants to hate muslims and go to war against islam. i know, it's all the signs -- >> she and her husband had been political activists in russia. >> that's what the mother said. when my friend said, why did you leave chechnya, my husband and i were political activists and my husband did some bad things and so we had to come here. >> does that connect the dots? >> it is starting to. is there a connection to chechnya? thereis there a connection to r? they lived in central asia several years before coming here. the older brother goes back to russia. the mother went to russia a few -- several months ago. did she know something was going on? these are all just unanswered questions and speculation. but, you know, it doesn't smell right. >> the chechens and they advocate... separation. they fought two wars. and in the first war, they separated as
and the koran. she believes in god. her parents acknowledge they knew very little about the son-in-law saying, we cannot begin to comprehend how this horrible tragedy occurred in the aftermath of the patriots' day horror, we know we never really knew tamerlan tsarnaev. our hearts are sickened by the knowledge of the here he has inflicted. with all of these things with so much in this case, shep, we'll learn a lot more about this woman in the coming days. we'll know what she knew, if anything, and when she knew it, if ever. >> following today's breaking news, word of yet another terror plot. this one broken up before it was allowed to happen. authorities have suspects in custody, and these are live picture from the news conference in toronto, ontario. we'll take you to toronto for the news conference will is scheduled to begin in mints. the early wordes the plan was to blow up a bridge, cause massive problems and economic difficults. ' free credit score's redesigned site has this new score planner tool with these cool sliders. what's this one do? i dunno. ♪every rose has it's thorn score pla
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